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Evening Standard – Pattie Barron – 9 Februrary 2011

Award winning landscape designer Hugo Bugg reveals the secrets of a great garden.

The simplest garden designs have the most impact, believes landscape designer Hugo Bugg, and he illustrates his point with a sleek roof terrace that is the centerpiece of next week’s RHS London Plant & Design Show.

Sedums and houseleeks form a living green wall and carpet for this contemporary garden, providing heat insulation and water absorption but needing virtually no maintenance. Several planters filled with ornamental grasses and seasonal bulbs look after themselves, making the space ideal for the Londoner who wants to relax rather than garden. A square-cut timber archway straddles the space and frames the city skyline.

At the age of 23 and the current RHS Young Designer of the Year, Hugo’s philosophy of keeping design and planting simple and efficient is one he successfully applies to rural gardens as well as small city plots.

Spend money on plants that will become focal points “It’s worth investing in investing in a pair of large box balls if they are going to frame an entrance” say’s Hugo. Make plants work for you. Light airy grasses create atmospheric, moving shadows while green, white and blue enhanced with silver foliage is the ideal colour combo for the calming city space.”

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