Shortlisted for the FX Design Awards

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‘CRACKED EARTH’ Concrete Floor Mosaic

Designed by Hugo Bugg and Edward Forster for KAZA Concrete, the ‘Cracked Earth’ concrete floor tile has been shortlisted for the FX International Interior Design Awards 2014. The bespoke tile made it’s debut at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2014 in the RBC Waterscape Garden which was awarded a gold medal.

Hugo Bugg designed the Waterscape Garden, one of 16 show gardens for RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2014, highlighting global water issues by mimicking nature’s way of slowing down water. As feature of the garden Bugg & Forster designed a seamless cracked earth hard floor to establish the main theme. Drawing inspiration from the parched effects caused by extreme global weather, the design is layered with naturally-occurring geometric patterns.

KAZA Concrete, closely working together with Bugg, designed the technical background and manufactured the seamless cracked earth motive in form of refined and reinforced concrete mosaic tiles.

Two different types of mosaic-like element sets compile the Cracked Earth pattern. They are made up by 54 different small cracked earth pieces, each individually manufactured, surface treated and applied onto a carrier layer. This allows quick and painless installation without permanent fixing to the ground yet creating a seamless arrangement.

The concave surface of each individually shaped small piece perfectly captures the result of the natural drying-out process, sculpted in a way that water finds its way out on one edge of the object and further down through the cracks, gradually permeating the ground. This way the tiles become part of the permeable level in the overall water flow system and dry much faster.

“The reasons why the visual effect of the installation is so profound are to be looked for in the honest approach to the design work, adjusted to the underplayed but determinative application of technology-based crafts” — says KAZA Concrete co-founder Peter Oszko.

Cracked Earth mosaic is an ideal surfacing solution for courtyards, terraces and walkways of contemporary commercial environments where the floor covering is designed to leave visitors with a bold impression, raise questions and ensure a smooth walking experience. Installation of the object on vertical surfaces is also possible both indoors and outdoors, and serves as a nature-inspired contemporary feature wall, e.g. of a museum or university campus.

Bugg’s colour choice of light grey -originally named ‘Moon Garden’- adds a layer of weightlessness to the contemporary concept and shows how sustainable design can be elegant.

About KAZA Concrete

KAZA Concrete is an innovation focused fine-concrete concept, design and manufacture company. This fresh space encompasses smart concrete architectural and design element creations which elevate the material from its industrial origin. KAZA predominantly produce bespoke contemporary artistic wall and floor surfacing solution with tactile appeal. Their ultimate desire is to assist architects and interior designers in the creation of a unique tile product as an object of art. The focus of their activity is the investigation of bespoke design and structural opportunities of exposed concrete through the intelligent exploitation of the material’s new physical and aesthetic properties, utilizing its own logic to create new value in interior design.

Awards Ceremony – 26 November 2014,