Garden Illustrated – Design Trends 2020

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Leaving aside bold systemic change, it is the turbo-charging of responses to climate change on a personal level that is at the heart of trends ahead. For example, the rejection of unsustainable food practices, such as plastic packaging or air freighting, is giving new impetus to the already strong trend of viewing food as connection to growing. The difference is that it’s becoming more diverse and ethno-botanically layered, more open to alternative approaches such as forest gardening for shadier spaces – approaches we are exploring at the Weston Kitchen Garden at RHS Garden Bridgewater.

London will feel like Barcelona by 2050 and Madrid like Marrakech – changes that will happen in our lifetimes. Clients, both public and private, understand the requirement for resilience, resulting in ecologically tuned-in gardens that minimise irrigation and are influenced by plants as communities, rather than individual selections Proposed use of sustainable hard materials – reclaimed, sourced locally, permeable – is becoming increasingly compelling.” – Charlotte Harris and Hugo Bugg

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