Harris Bugg Studio participates in the Gingerbread City

December 2022

This festive season, the imaginative makers at Harris Bugg Studio took part in the Museum of Architecture’s delectable Gingerbread City. The exhibition challenged participants to take on a global perspective in light of the climate crisis, addressing how we consider local resources and building methods.
Over the course of 6 weeks, Ed, Katherine, Claire, Freya, Caroline, Camilla, Helen, and Lauren, put their sweetest foots forward to confect a brilliant Swedish fishing hut made entirely of edible material. The team explored how to respect both the site, and a traditional way of living, in a rapidly changing climate. The result combined conventional building techniques by way of Frosted Wheats, poppy seeds, and pretzels, with modern technology in the form of liquorice and gelatine solar panels. Fizzy belts and royal icing lapped and churned against the gingerbread land forms below.
The studio’s fishing hut proudly featured on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch, traveling as a charming representative for the Gingerbread City. The exhibition runs until 2 January, and is a wonderful way to ring in the holidays.