What is The Common Good?

The Common Good outlines our continued undertaking to parallel the creativity and quality of our work with a studio that is progressive and reciprocal, in a way that is respectful and caring of the planet.

Central to this is a vision of connecting people and nature, designing and creating landscapes that respect the spirit of place, and being environmentally and ethically responsible in our business practices.

Three key principles drive The Common Good.

People – Ours is a thriving, happy place to work, where our team are committed and passionate, knowing that they are in a space that also cares for their well-being and work-life balance.

We work 4.5 day week and include a range of benefits, such as sabbaticals, railcards, paid volunteering, flexible working locations, free HRT prescriptions, the right to disconnect, a generous professional development programme, and much more.

Place – We make gardens and landscapes that are right for their place and their requirements. Our work respectfully weaves these together to produce beautiful, memorable and lasting spaces. We plant not only for the aesthetic impact but also for suitability, four-season interest, biodiversity, and sustainability.

Planet – The Common Good also includes our commitment to take the greatest of care in our responsibilities as landscape designers. Sustainability and resilience is integrated throughout our work at every level, and our strategy and targets are reviewed and updated annually. We make active decisions to fly less and travel wherever possible by train, including to our European projects. On the instances where we do fly, we offset all travel against peat restoration projects and local tree planting.

Want to know more?

We have always been proud of our values. Living them progressively and creating a cutting edge landscape design studio continues to be our focus. If this sounds like a practice you’d like to work with – either as a client or a member of our team –  please contact us.