RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2014

Location: Chelsea Flower Show

Client: Royal Bank of Canada

Style: Show Garden

Status: Completed

Project: Selected Projects, Show Gardens

Hugo’s RHS Chelsea show garden won a Gold medal on his Chelsea debut in 2014.

The garden highlighted global water issues and demonstrated practical, year-round water management solutions for home gardeners.

Drawing inspiration from the parched effects caused by extreme global weather, the design was layered with naturally-occurring geometric patterns. The resulting angles exposed and concealed sections of the garden, enticed visitors to explore the space via a ‘floating walkway’ through lush planting.

Water was directed through the garden at different gradients and speeds, mimicking the natural watershed and showing how effective storm water management can replicate nature in bold and inventive ways.

The ‘Cracked Earth’ Concrete tiles that were designed by Hugo and Edward Forster, and won the FX Surface of the Year 2014, are now commercially available from Kaza.