Rural Garden, Dorset

Location: Dorset

Client: Private

Style: Residential

Status: Completed

Project: Country Gardens & Landscapes, Residential, Selected Projects

"As the seasons change this garden keeps giving new focus, colour and texture. There is not a day we don’t reflect what has been achieved - a transformational experience in careful hands".


Located within the Dorset AONB, this wonderfully located private property provides a microcosm of a varied ecological and historic landscape. 

A historic, Grade II listed farmhouse set within a small private estate, the project has required extensive collaboration between landscape designers, architects, tree and ecological surveyors to create a dwelling and landscape that sits within its situation whilst also providing the facilities required for a contemporary family. 

Boundaries have been re-examined and extended with the appropriate permissions to accommodate changing leisure activities; and ecological and tree surveys have been undertaken and strategies formulated to provide a positive balance for flora within any plans undertaken at the property. 

Within the curtilage of the house and the immediate grounds, a large productive and cutting garden and various historic outbuildings have been reconfigured, whilst drainage issues have also been addressed. 

Extensive landscaping works have included the planting of ornamental and productive trees in both formal and informal settings, with elements of both transitioning between the house and wider landscape to assist in connecting the two. 

Coupled with this, a scheduled ancient monument lies within the landscape of the estate in the form of a moat, manor remains and associated enclosures. This has influenced our consideration of landscape interventions to acknowledge this feature and how the views and aesthetics of this could be integrated within a contemporary landscape.