Dorset meadow garden

Location: Dorset

Client: Private, residential

Status: Work in progress

Project: Residential, Work in Progress

Here, in the expansive grounds of a Grade II listed property, we are working on a long-term project to masterplan and phase the delivery of the gardens, including ornamental garden spaces, kitchen garden and tranquil pool garden – all carefully feathered into the fields and the landscape beyond.  

In this first phase, we have planted a significant topiary hedge for privacy and structure, as well as a crab apple orchard, and sowed a summer meadow. Paths are mown through and it’s being used as a lovely spot for picnics, playfulness and drinks.

Collaborative design team –

Architect: Hapticity Architects

Hedges: The Big Hedge Co

Water engineering: Water Artisans

Photos: Sarah Thorpe