Temporary garden Berlin Film Festival

Project: Commercial & International, Public Gardens, Visitor Attraction

Our long term programme of plant-driven landscape design at Atelier Gardens has created a dynamic, restorative and magical new green spaces for people and wildlife. In addition, our vision of it as a landscape laboratory provides key information to share as more urban spaces look to inject lifeline green spaces in the places we need them most – our towns and cities.

Hugo Bugg

Harris Bugg Studio has designed a temporary garden for the Berlin Film Festival at the historic BUFA studios, which radically ‘greens’ the space to benefit people and wildlife and increase biodiversity and urban environmental benefits.

The design combines green plazas, intimate garden character spaces and rooftop gardens. Pioneer trees and plants – those that make their homes in the toughest of settings – are the basis for the planting. The existing hard landscape, which covered the majority of the site, has been broken up and planted into, with waste material repurposed and reused creatively – as test growing mediums, mulch and insect homes. New microclimates have been created throughout the campus and as the landscape progresses more of the site will be broken up and replanted, with the sense of nature taking over. Harris Bugg Studio also proposed that the gardens are used as a landscape laboratory and research base, to measure and record the positive outcomes of the project and share these going forward. 

The garden uses timber-shuttering boards as raised beds of varying heights, enabling a range of different plantings from dappled woodland corners to more open, sunny, perennial planting zones. A timber amphitheatre seating space enables a range of uses from film showings to gigs.

The garden will remain in place through winter 2021-22 for social events and gatherings.