Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire

Location: Nottinghamshire

Client: National Trust

Project: Charity, Country Gardens & Landscapes, Public Gardens, Selected Projects

"From the outset, they have inspired our whole team with their enthusiastic, open and collaborative approach. They consistently demonstrate that they really understand the special nature of Clumber Park, and they obviously share our love for the place".

Lucy Reid, Assistant Director, Operations, National Trust

We are delighted to be invited to contribute to the 10 year Clumber Park Revitalised project.  Our design was selected following an invited competition.  We lead a multidisciplinary design team which also includes architects, engineers, ecologists and consultation specialists.

Set in the heart of Sherwood Forest, this historic garden is the most visited ticketed site in England and Wales with 600,000 visitors a year and a strong place in local affection.  Our vision for the Grade 1 listed historic Pleasure Grounds, which is also a SSSI, is to amplify and celebrate Clumber Park’s kaleidescopic nature and help it inhabit its potential as a bold, accessible flagship public landscape for the 21st century. 

Since our appointment, the scope of our services have been extended to incorporate more of the Clumber Park Revitalised project and we have relished the opportunity to work collaboratively with the team there. We are working at all levels on this eight year project – from a broad strategic level with the Project Board and fundraising team right through to tangible project actions with Clumber’s horticulturalists, ecologists and rangers; way-finding and events; curatorial and visitor experience.