Hope Street Hampshire

We are absolutely delighted that a ground-breaking project conceived by charity One Small Thing, to create the very first purpose-built, trauma-informed centre for women in England and Wales has been granted planning permission, with gardens designed by Harris Bugg Studio.  

Hope Street Hampshire is a powerful, pioneering blueprint for a nationwide community-based network of accommodation and services for justice involved women  and their children. Through its centres, y One Small Thing aims to provide a compassionate, therapeutic alternative to the current way women are treated in the justice system.

We have collaborated with Snug Architects and Focus Interior Design to create an environment with a strong emphasis on well-being and for every element to play an active part in the healing journey. Widespread consultations undertaken across Southampton and Portsmouth meant women had a voice in shaping the design to deliver a home environment that is uplifting, restorative and holistic. It’s a place that is both therapeutic and where healing, learning and transition can take place. We have also spent a lot of time immersing ourselves in the principles of trauma-informed design and what this means in a garden setting. 

The proposed gardens are intended to work in combination with the built spaces to provide a sense of shelter, protection and calm. They are multi-layered and multi-sensory spaces allowing the residents to fully immerse themselves in the power of nature to heal, raise spirits and improve mental well-being. Connecting with gardens and the outdoors can bring about transformational healing, a core aim of the services being provided to women at  Hope Street.

The design for Hope Street aims to be an exemplar sustainable project, which holds sustainability and well-being at its heart and is on target to achieve BREEAM ‘Outstanding’ as well as meeting RIBA2030 targets.

Now that planning has been approved, we are working with One Small Thing and the design team on RIBA Stage 4.

On a personal note, this project has been  incredibly meaningful to our team here at Harris Bugg, and we are honoured to have been entrusted with it by One Small Thing. The power of their work and the shared vision of sanctuary, equality, understanding, community and hope has quite simply been the most inspiring and moving brief we have ever had the privilege to work on.