Contemporary Town Garden, Surrey

Location: Surrey

Client: Private

Style: Contemporary Residential

Status: Completed

Project: Residential, Town & Roof Gardens

This contemporary town garden provides a harmonious extension of the client’s modern home.  It is cool, green, and restrained, and designed to be a focal point from the house interior.

With ample seating and dining spaces, the quiet space is characterised by variations of green texture and warmed by architectural lighting. A materials palette of black granite, reclaimed wood sleepers, and yew and hornbeam hedging define the space.

The evergreen palette is softened by the presence of Amelanchier lamarkii trees whose delicate white flowers, red berries and bronze leaves energise the space. Trained jasmine on walls means the garden is filled with fragrance.

A vegetable garden was included and so it is a productive as well as an aesthetic garden.