Gothenburg Botanical Gardens, Sweden

Location: Sweden

Client: Gothenburg Botanical Gardens

Style: Public

Status: Design development

Project: Commercial & International, Current Projects, Public Gardens

Opened in 1923, Gothenburg Botanic Garden is a world’s leading botanical gardens. Spread over 430 acres with more than 16,000 species, is]t is also one of the largest botanic gardens in Europe.

We have been appointed to work with the botany team and consulting architects COBE to design the layouts, structures and features of a series of new world-class botanic glasshouses, including two at three stories high.

The glasshouses each have different characters, from tropical to temperate, from fire to desert. There are opportunities to get up close to plants, whether on the ground or via a series of walkways that pass through the canopies.

This project is currently in design development phase and will be moving to technical design in 2022.