Isle of Man garden

Location: Isle of Man

Client: Private

Style: Rural

Status: Completed

Project: Country Gardens & Landscapes, Residential

This is a private garden on the Isle of Man, in the north west of the Island, influenced by the Isle of Man’s rich heritage of Celtic, Christian and Scandinavian traditions.  Engraved stones on the island, dating from at least the 6th centuries, provide a historical and visual link with this heritage, displaying specifically Manx motifs and imagery originating from a fusion of all three cultures.

A sequence of garden rooms inspired by this rich heritage have been created. One of these is designed as a contemplative space, planted with a salon of roses which are held within a cloud-hedged parterre of yew that has been designed to weave through the garden using elements of the motifs and flourishes of Manx imagery.  The choice of plants has been influenced by the symbology and meaning attached to them and includes roses for love and passion, yew for strength, change, regeneration, longevity and protection and rosemary for friendship, memory and fidelity.

Roses named after influential women were selected, in discussion with the client, and include Rosa Queen of Sweden, Rose Jacqueline du Pré and Rosa Gertrude Jekyll.